Admission Procedure

Dedicated to create, re-shape, model and catalyze the academics excellence, we have following admission procedure

  • We have in our pri-primary wing.
  • The admission process starts on 1st February every year. The admission registration form can be
    • Downloaded from school's website
    • Availed from school's counter
  • Parents are supposed to submit the admission registeration form either on
    • On school's website (online submission)
    • OR Submit the duely filled admission registeration form at the school's counter (offline submission)
  • The written test syllabus for respective class can be downloaded from the school website.
  • The information regarding the list of selected candidates can be obtained from
    • School's website
    • School's reception counter
  • Admission test paper will not be shown or shared with the parents and the decision of admission committee of school will be final.
  • School visit for the parents can be arranged within the scheduled time-frames organised by the school

Maharaja Aggarsain Senior Public School